Hi,I am Shalu(real name is not disclosed for privacy reasons) and I have a LOVE for cooking.

My inspirations for this blog are definitely my Mama,Elder Sister,Dada, My Cousins and

Chef Curtis Stone,



Everyday food with Sarah Carey.

So I would Love to share my amazing family recipes with people all around the world and introduce GOAN CUISINE too.

I am selling an ebook which has 17 authentic indian restaurant recipes.So please contact me if you wish to purchase it at takeawaymenu14@gmail.com.

I welcome you to enjoy these recipes for your  personal use only.
If you wish to use my recipes I request that you provide a link back to our original post and credit the script and photos to

Shalu’s  https://takeawaymenu14.wordpress.com/.

I love hearing from you and read  all the comments I get and do my best to reply and answer your questions. Comments which are deemed inappropriate or negative – including general spam, offensive comments or rude language, may be deleted without notice or explanation.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog..Enjoy!!

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